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TV Feature : Travelling and volunteering in Assam

Northeast India is bordering Bangladesch, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. This State of India is not attracting many tourists yet but ...


My first fundraiser : Help build up a new school in Dimow, Assam (India)

LMT Public School  is a new project school to provide the best possible education to one of the most beautiful, remote & ...


About living out of the comfort zone

If Luxembourg is my father, India is definitely my mother. I’m back in a country that is so broad and so diverse that it would ...


The first time back home – A new chapter ahead

So, here I am, back where I grew up, back in the same streets i crossed when I was a teenager, driving along the same roads I took everyday to go to work… After 18 months in Asia I thought I would have a reverse culture shock. In the end it didn't really happen though. Of course in the beginning all ...


Summer Yoga Sessions in Luxembourg @Kyosk

Moien & Namaste Join us for your daily practice with the Sunset Yoga Sessions @ Kyosk in Kirchberg. (behind the "Coque") Suitable for absolute beginners aswell as intermediate Yogis! Practice : We will mix up Breathing Exercices with Sivanada Asanas and Yoga Stretching. Teachers ...

Music Clip : Vic e Tula “Primeira Vista”

VIC E TULA is a Brazilian Musician Duo. They play Samba, Baião, Compositions, Swinging Music and Cabaret Music. Beginning of 2016 they where in Auroville, India where we shot this video. More about Vic e Tula here ...

Storytelling Nomad

Storytelling nomad from Sarah Cattani on Vimeo. Living as a modern day nomad, travelling from one disaster zone to another, capturing moments with a camera and telling stories of the ones without voices; that’s how the documentary photographer Kiran Kreer spends his days since the last 3 years. ...