Sunrise in Dimow, India

Teaching Yoga in Assam, India (2016)

Collecting firewoods in Assam, India (2016)

Saltlakes in Tamil Nadu, India (2015)

Slaughter of a pig in Assam, India (2017)


TV Feature : Travelling and volunteering in Assam

Northeast India is bordering Bangladesch, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. This State of India is not attracting many tourists yet but has a lot to offer! I decided to travel to Assam and volunteer by giving yoga classes to kids in a small and remote village called Dimow. Here is my recent TV feature for RTL Télé ...

Our first fundraiser : Help build up a new school in Dimow, Assam (India)

LMT Public School  is a new project school to provide the best possible education to one of the most beautiful, remote & abandoned parts of Assam in North East India. The school was started by 3 brothers who grew up in Dimow, a small village in Assam. Because the public schooling system was lacking quality education ...