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There is a german saying that goes : “In life it first comes always differently and secondly, never as you think.” (“Im Leben kommt es erstens anders und zweitens als man denkt.”).

Even when we know what we want in life and feel that we are exactly where we should be at that precise moment, sometimes everything shifts for an even better path as we could have imagined.

Let me explain : I was about 4 years old when I did my first interviews, playing around with fake microphones. So since I can remember I expressed myself with sounds and visuals and that’s why I decided to go for a career in television, doing documentaries on a weekly basis. Although I was doing my passion, telling stories in video form I still was in a structure, I was stuck in a lifestyle where money has a overrated value, where deadlines and stress come very close and interfere with creativity and the feeling of freedom. So at one point I decided to let it all go and see what is out there…

Marc Twain’s saying: “explore, dream, discover” resonated with me and that’s how I live my life today, away from all the structures I grew up in. It took almost a year to realise that when I left everything behind, left my job, my home, my stuff, my friend s and my family it was not only to travel but to fully live this life and finding my true self along the way.

What happens if I don’t follow the system in which I grew up in? What happens if I let go of all the material things that I gathered throughout the years, What happens if I try to live life on a day to day basis, with no plans, no deadlines, no pressure, and if I only do exactly what I want to do?

What if we all lived our true self, what if we all let go of everything that holds us back from being simply happy in the moment without worrying about the next one? 

This is the part where most of the people think it’s a crazy idea, that the system we live in cannot work that way, that there are bills to pay, pensions to work for the whole life, that we cannot just do what pleases us, that we cannot just be free, or for that matter just be… That this idea is not real, that this is just a dream, a bubble, away from the hard and true reality.

If u ask me, all the struggles we go though in life are due to exactly that same system, where we cannot be free, where we HAVE to do things in order to have a social status, in order to have money, in order to fit in…

But what I can say, is that the more I live out of the system, the more I am happy and content every single day in a way I never was before. Because before, just like everyone else, I was always looking for the NEXT thing. I was worrying about the future, worrying about to do lists, worrying about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year… about where this would all lead to, about consequences and “what if’s”. 

I left to travel the world almost a year ago, to realise that world is big and so small at the same time. Far from what I expected, the list of countries I’ve spend time can be counted on one hand. India, Sri Lanka, back to India, then Thailand and Indonesia, back to India and now Malaysia. I ended up staying in places for much much longer than I would have guessed and only left when I felt I’ve seen enough or when my visa ran out. Exploring even more and trying to understand how different people see everyday life in different parts of the world, (well, to be honest, in India mainly.)

Although I took some pictures along the way and made some radio features, the time I’ve spend travelling until now has been a big break for me. After working for the media industry for 10 years in a row, it was a break from seeing reality through a camera, a break from recording voices, a break from trying to tell other peoples stories. I even send my camera back half way through just to be completely enjoying every moment and not thinking about yet an other video project.

But sometimes in life you have to let go of everything just to know what u are actually really here for. It’s all very clear right now… I have always been telling stories all my life and that’s what I am here for now as well. Capturing the moment as it happens, and creating videos, images and writings that will put a personal view on what’s happening around me. But this time without deadlines, without assignments, without air-time limitations and by giving voices to those who don’t have any in society.

Back to the roots but with new energy, a new angle, new inspiration and even a new camera. So yes, I’m going back to India very soon, to be around like minded people that inspire me, to tell stories that have not yet been told, to make other people take part in this journey.

Stay tuned and discover with me where this will all lead to. Namaste!

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2 responses to “About capturing reality”

  1. Patascha says:

    A thousand thumbs up for this post. You speak (or better write) to us right out of our souls <3 This is the shit (sorry for that term) we're trying to explain to every one here in Luxembourg, but it seems that nobody understands… No one has to be stuck in a job they don't like, they just don't realize that they could change at any time! LEAVING THE COMFORT ZONE is the key. For us, the great adventure will start very soon and by following your blog, we know that we do exactly the right thing 🙂 It's amazing to see how attitude can change during travels and never in a negative way (as we think). So go on and never give up your dreams! We're looking forward reading more of your articles 😉 Tascha & Patrick

    • missacattani@gmail.com says:

      Wow! Tascha and Patrick 🙂

      Thank you so much for this nice (and first) comment!!!
      Yes, it is very difficult for people to understand, especially in the place we grew up in in Europe, where the comfort zone is considered almost like a holy grail. A lot can change if you allow it to. Some have to travel for that, but some can also leave the comfort zone by staying right where they are. It’s all only in our minds.
      I’m happy that your adventure starts soon and I am sure it will be life-changing. Enjoy and don’t forget that Life is now.

      Thank you,


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