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 “Life is now, and that’s the only truth there is.” (Sarah Cattani) 

When is the best moment to quit your job, get rid of all the things you gathered throughout the years and leave to travel the world? I really don’t know, but at some point I decided that the time is now!

Sarah was curious about the world since a child and figured exploring it, in every possible way, would be the right thing to do, and so she did. After a career in art, culture and social related documentaries for television and radio for almost 10 years in her hometown Luxembourg, editorial work for a magazine that connects visual arts and sustainability, creative work for exhibitions and video installations,she decided to leave everything behind and started her personal journey around the globe.

My material life has vanished, in boxes, cellars, attics, at friends places, to a good cause, to the garbage can. I left Luxembourg with my backpack on the 1st of february 2015 and am on the road ever since, mainly in South East Asia and Europe. While traveling in the most simple way possible, I realised that I can use everything I learned throughout the years to start collecting an telling stories of people I meet along the road. Nothing in my life is planned anymore because I figured the best plan is having no plan and just let things happen. Having no deadlines and no tight agenda; that’s s how I keep ending up in the most unpredictable places meeting the most amazing people.

Since 2015 years Sarah added skills to her CV an a part from being a trained journalist, videographer and podcast producer, she also became a certified yoga teacher and has done classes and workshops in Malaysia, India, Andaman Islands, Turkey and Luxembourg so far.

Sarah’s first travelblog can be found here : Hello Globe Blog

The smallest things can make you happy, they don’t have to be big” (John Taye) 

John is from Northeast India (Assam) and always dreamed of exploring the world. After many bike rides in different countries in Asia, he finally took off from his hometown and settled in Auroville, an alternative community in South India for almost 3 years in 2013, where he was mainly involved in sustainable and eco-friendly construction, yoga and photography. In 2016 he left Asia for the first time to travel to Europe and is on the road ever since.  

The conventional life doesn’t fit to me, so I chose a traveling life style. It might not be the easiest path at time and definitely not everyone is made for that or has to travel to be happy, but the most important is that everyone should be going for what they love and what makes them feel free. In our society we often tend to follow the mainstream like sheep because we don’t know better or because we believe it’s the right thing to do.

I try to live life to the fullest without being trapped in this “day to day life” shaped by materialism and wanting “more and more”. My main goal is to be and stay free and I am aware of the fact that I have one single life and as i have no idea what comes after this one. So all there is to do is enjoy every moment of it , see and experience things, travel and help people wherever I go and finally spread smiles in every possible way I can.

Although John was always interested by visual mediums, he started photography more seriously only in 2016, when he finally got his first DSLR Camera. He had his first photography- exhibition at the “Riff World Village” Festival in Luxembourg in July 2017. Furthermore John teaching yoga, but also practices other body work like Contact Dance, Partner & Acro Yoga or Mixed Martial Arts. 

Every person is special – i strongly believe that quote –  but many people don’t have any idea what they are special for. I believe that each and everyone is special and that if people are struggling in finding out what their purpose in life is, the should simply start by making other people feel special or by making someone smile every day. Eventually they will find out what they are here for.”

“Life is beautiful! But at the same time, life itself is a mixture of happiness and sorrow and no one can espace from that. And if we can’t espace that there is no need in fighting it ; when we have times of happiness we should enjoy them and stay conscience of the fact that there will be sorrow or grief at some point and that that’s ok. Sometimes it can be difficult but once we realise and understand that all of this is just part of life, just like the happiness moments, the grief moments will pass by as well. Everything passes and nothing lasts. So basically all we need to do is really enjoy life despite of any situation and be happy.” 

Good things happen to good people, all you need is to be truly good to others

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