The first time back home – A new chapter ahead

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So, here I am, back where I grew up, back in the same streets i crossed when I was a teenager, driving along the same roads I took everyday to go to work… After 18 months in Asia I thought I would have a reverse culture shock. In the end it didn’t really happen though. Of course in the beginning all the quiet and organised live we have here in Europe and especially in Luxembourg felt weird. The first nights were suspiciously silent and the streets felt unnaturally empty. But slowly everything came back. It’s like driving a bicycle; once you know how to balance , you will never loose it. I’ve been programmed like that; programmed to know how to drive a car respecting rules, how to dress for different occasions, how to behave and what to talk about if I meet people. Suddenly I’m in a comfort zone again that I left and that doesn’t really feel that comfortable anymore. The weirdest part is all the stuff!!! When you live on a 40 litre backpack for 18 months even a tiny household here ist just to much to handle… why do we need all this stuff???

An other thing that occurred to me is that life just goes on… without me in the picture and that’s ok. One year and a half year of travelling passes by quickly and slowly at the same time. So many things happened in my friends and families lives, and at the same time so many things changed inside me in that period of time that iI thought it would be hard to come back to the place it all started. But even that is ok, although the system in place here doesn’t suit me anymore. I live outside of the bubble that we created as society, where productivity and social status matters. But slowly I’m finding a way to live the way I feel like anywhere in the world.


The more I live in the now the more everything around seems irrelevant. It’s like there is no more yesterday and no clear an planned tomorrow, just a feeling that everything will always be alright. It’s a very safe feeling to know that no matter what will happen I will face it just like I face any other thing that is happening to me right now. I know how lucky I am but I also realised that it’s a way of seeing life. If you focus on bad things, bad things happen. My partner John says : “Good Things happen to good people”. Well I don’t know if I am a good person but at least I’m aiming very hard to be one in everyday life. I try to work on my issues, I try to overcome my ego, I try to overcome anger, overcome fear, overcome sadness. One can only be truly happy in the moment anyway.

The biggest change in my life as a traveler is that I’m not a lonely backpacker anymore. We are two lonely backpackers that found each other in the south of India and that want to share this adventure together. Exploring what life has to give, exploring how people live everywhere in the world, exploring the feeling of being on the move and going with the flow, wherever that may lead.

So far, we are traveling to different places in Europe, until we’ll catch the next long-distance-one-way flight to an other continent, or not… let’s see 🙂 Not knowing the plan, is the best part!


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2 responses to “The first time back home – A new chapter ahead”

  1. Michels says:

    Alles Guddes iech 2.-)

  2. Paulina says:

    Aww, this resumes pretty well how I feel right now: after 6 months on the road, mostly on a boat hitch hiking the Atlantic sea, I m back now in Luxembourg. I still need to get used to the quietness and ALL that stuff that you mentioned. Let’s see if wanderlust will take over again or not 😉 I wish you well!

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